Push Notification Service: Wireless Notifications for iPhone

Wed,6/11 14:00

Just as iPhone developers thought they could never have an app that ran in the background, Apple has announced a new form of background notifications system for the iPhone. For example: You’re running an instant messaging application—usually when you leave the app, it would close and disconnect you from the IM servers. With this new notifications system, you remain connected to the third-party server, and when you receive a message outside of the app, you will get a small notification.

Developers are allowed to use custom sounds for their notifications, badges or text. Apple says that the new background service will preserve battery life and performance, and will work over either Wi-Fi or EDGE. It will be seeded to iPhone developers next month; the public will see it in applications in September.’

Developers are allowed to use:

  • Badges
  • Alerts
  • Custom Sounds
  • Centralized Settings
  • Easy
Best Practices
  • Send notifications
Pull data when running
  • Keep it simple
1L maximum includes administribia
  • Consider email instead
Include a myapp://URL
  • Don;t depend on the service
So they're saying "no apps running in the background." Doesn't that mean that if you try to switch back and forth between two applications (Mail and a 3rd party app, for example) that each has to be re-launched each time you switch? So applications have to remember and save their state, and any app that takes very long to load is going to be slow to come up every time you activate it?

Sounds like a pretty crummy solution to the background task resource usage issue. And it sure sounds like Palm's way of doing things too.

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