Creating Rich User Interfaces for Web Content in Safari

6/10/08 15:30

What is the User Interfaces
  • Webobjects
  • Application
  • Webobjects frameworks
  • and more...
A good web content

Control layer
Access layer
| EODatabase
| EOAdaptorDatabase
Database drivers JDBC

Drop in components
No javascript

Don’t repeat yourself (DRY)

Also known as Single Point of Truth - is a process philosophy aimed at reducing duplication, particularly in computing. The philosophy emphasizes that information should not be duplicated, because duplication increases the difficulty of change, may decrease clarity, and leads to opportunities for inconsistency.
  • Structure your code
  • Use third-party frameworks
  • Use the Eclipse/WOLips tools
  • Harness the power of EOF
  • Leverage powerful third-party frameworks/libraries
  • Integrate external services
  • Get involves in the community
  • Get training

Deployment considerations
  • Security
  • Expected user load
  • Application server load
  • Performance expectation
  • Failover support
Direct connect

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