Graphics Architecture for iPhone

Wed,6/11 9:00

Core animation

  • Modern 2D Graphics API
  • Device independence
  • Resolution independence
  • Anti-aliased graphics and text
  • Wide array of supported image formats
  • Built-in color management
  • Built-in PDF support
  • Parameters that control drawing
  • Stroke color
  • Fill color

A Filling and Stroking Routine

A computer system for production of ink separations from an object-based print pre-process apparatus using a page description language. The print pre-process system facilitates creation of object spreads for any combination or configuration of objects on the rendered page. For each object on a rendered page, the computer system 100 makes use of a spread table to determine spread incidences. For each spread incidence, the computer system generates set union, intersection, difference, and edge extraction for spreading, receiving, and obstructing objects to create a simplified graph of contour histories providing a visible portion of the spread object. The visible boundary between the visible spread object and the receiving object is then extracted. The visible boundary is strokeable within a clipped window set to the receiving object. The stroke color and width, set by the spread table, can be knockout print or overprint. Alternatively, the visible spread boundary with given spread width can be cropped away from certain separations of the receiving object, rather than being stroked in a solid color.

Getting Images from a File
  • CGImageSource
  • NSImage

Drawing PDF Document Functions

Currently all versions of pdflib are supported. It is recommended that you use the newest version since it has more features and fixes some problems which required a patch for the old version. Unfortunately, the changes of the pdflib API in 2.x compared to 0.6 have been so severe that even some PHP functions had to be altered. Here is a list of changes:

  • The Info structure does not exist anymore. Therefore the function pdf_get_info() is obsolete and the functions pdf_set_info_creator(), pdf_set_info_title(), pdf_set_info_author(), pdf_set_info_subject() and pdf_set_info_keywords() do not take the info structure as the first parameter but the pdf document. This also means that the pdf document must be opened before these functions can be called.
  • The way a new document is opened has changed. The function pdf_open() takes only one parameter which is the file handle of a file opened with fopen().
There were some more changes with the release 2.01 of pdflib which should be covered by PHP. Some functions are not required anymore (e.g. pdf_put_image()). You will get a warning so don't be shocked.
The pdf module introduces two new types of variables (if pdflib 2.x is used it is only one new type). They are called pdfdoc and pdfinfo (pdfinfo is not existent if pdflib 2.x is used. pdfdoc is a pointer to a pdf document and almost all functions need it as its first parameter. pdfinfo contains meta data about the PDF document. It has to be set before pdf_open() is called.

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