Web API increases the Ajax strategy and today of iPhone.

Highlights 1: It is a new

strategy of Apple that goes forward in Ajax.

Apple has become it comes here and strong participation is shown to Ajax in rapidity the saucer of the group of some users are "unpleasantness in a usual Windows personal computer..." Two are concrete topics. Topic that , one develops Windows version because it doesn't bury a sense of existence of Safari in Ajax/Web 2.0 age that Web becomes platform. Another one is Web 2.0 , in one word, the topic development of application.Program of iPhone that is the current shut-out of an outside developer of substantially opening it by the Ajax technology.

These two topics are seen like aiming at directionality that Apple becomes openhearted, too by glancing and approaching Ajax that is an openhearted technology. However, it is understood to begin with that it is not a simple story with Ajax when thinking saying as something...

First of all, Ajax is "Technology that can immediately use it without installing any additional software without changing Web browser that the user has already used. "The message of installing such an outlook on the world and a new Web browser doesn't adjust. If this is a story on Mac-OS, it still understands. From Safari is Web browser in the standard with for the user of Mac-OS, and "It is possible to use it immediately without installing any additional software. "However, the Windows version is not so it.

On the other hand, it is thought as the development of special software with which iPhone is developed. With Ajax to the end and it is strange. It has been restricted , it is in the base of Ajax by the technology to execute the program sent by the other party , that who cannot trust it safely by details of low-level of the system.

However, there is a possibility that the necessity accessed details of low-level of the system is caused to take full advantage the function of a specific equipment. To tell the truth, the possibility to say ... Haven't trusted a third party and an individual developer is thought as for Apple when thinking from such a situation. Of course, it differs in iPhone though they are permitted to be accessed details of low-level in Mac-OS.

How is these interpreted depending on the readers?However, it might be correct that there is the world that cannot be simplistic.

To be continued...

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